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Stories have always been passed down over generations describing how each year, the Whisky contents in each cask seems to miraculously disappear and the keepers and caretakers of the casks always deny any wrongdoing and promise that they did not drink it. Stories were told that Angel’s would descend from heaven and help themselves to the liquid gold which is thus termed Whisky.


Truth be told, as times progressed, the understanding of evaporation of alcohol was the real truth and fact behind the disappearing act of Whisky. By definition, Angel’s Share refers to the percentage of alcohol which evaporates during the process of distilling and aging in a cask. 


After Whisky is put into a cask, the average loss of alcohol, “Angel’s Share” is roughly 1-3% per annum through natural evaporation of Alcohol. So after 20-25 years, the Whisky contents in a cask drops to only around 50-60% of its original contents. This natural aging process leaves the essence of Whisky to be more concentrate, sophisticated and miraculous in taste.

A message from our Chief Executive.


'With the world entering economic uncertainties, Angels’ Share serves to provide its clients and investors with a unique alternative investment option. Our alternative investment strategy into Whisky will help investors diversify their investment holdings but also create tangible assets which the investor can appreciate but also collect. Our innovative Whisky Investment platform will help and allow investors achieve unrivaled returns that will outpace conventional and traditional investments in the market. Angel’s Share will share with investors this journey through Whisky ownership, from acquisition, design, production and bottling, to a range of exit strategies from our proprietary distribution platform and world class partnerships that we work with.


Angel’s Share brings investors a rare opportunity in the Whisky Market, and will introduce the passion and the romance of the Whisky Industry that it possesses.'


Bernard Yeung