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We've recognised a huge marketing opportunity ready to be exploited, specifically in the sector of aged statement single malt Scotch whisky. Traditionally, the design and branding of these whiskies have played it safe, leaving very little to the imagination as seen in the image. There is a sense that design is standardized and lacks any real creativity or narrative with very few brands daring to be different and step out of the comfort zone. We feel, with an increasing number of younger enthusiasts and collectors entering into a world where quality and appearance combined is now demanded a brand to really make an impact. Therefore, we feel the design of the outside should reflect the quality of liquid on the inside. 


We are set to explore the edge of the boundaries of what can be achieved in this area with our progressive and forward thinking creative team. Our objectives set on creating a truly independent brand with a strong, distinctive and instantly recognizable identity that stands apart from others on the top shelf. 

Through collaborations with world renowned artists and going the extra mile attending to the finer details of design, we believe this will prove pioneering in establishing a distinctive brand that clients want to be associated with.

Image: 3D render of design from our release part of  In Season collection - "Spring" edition of 285 bottles only. Collaboration with renowned Chinese artist, He Baili.

Spring Web.png


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