The Data

A Brief Overview

For each of these age-clusters, a calculation of the median price per calendar year. Obviously the prices strongly depend on the time of maturation, which is apparent by the different levels the below curves live on. In 2018, half of the 20yo to 30yo whiskies traded for less than 265 Euros. In 2019 this number increased to 280 Euros. But for all other age groups, including the 30+yo, this median price did not change or even slightly decreased in 2019! What this suggests is that not all whisky is not considered to be a strong investment, yet the older the whisky and performance tends more positively linear.

Data 1.png

2019 was another record-breaking year when it comes to the number whiskies traded on auctions. From January to December 2019, no less than 162.000 bottles changing their owner. This is 30% more than in 2018 and the biggest increase in trades since 2016, when this number went up by 40% compared to 2015! Just to put this in relation. At the beginning of the decade, in 2011, there were little more than 20.000 bottles appearing on auctions.

Data 2.png

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