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  • What is a Whisky NFT?
    There is no definition here. It is simply an NFT, which is available through online marketplaces, that is backed by a physical bottle of whisky. The NFT is the receipt, the ticket, the certificate and the tradable asset all rolled into one. It allows for a borderless transaction to global audience through marketplaces such as Opensea.
  • Why NFTs?
    Transparency · Security · Authenticity NFTs solve two very important friction points for the collectible whiskies: Authenticity & Price. It is very hard to prove provenance of whisky from one buyer to the next. NFTs secure everything transparently on the blockchain, meaning once the asset has been verified and authenticated once, providing no conditions change (move facility, poor storage etc) then its should never require to authenticated again, as all parties will see this within the blockchain. Price data is also very unclear for purchasers from one whisky to the next. This allows many intermediary parties to charge extortionate fees between. Again, due to transparency of blockchain tech, this will eliminate the need for middle men within the transaction between buyer and seller and create more price transparency.
  • How do I buy?
    Firstly, you are required to join our whitelist. We are working with an extremely limited supply of NFTs, so once we have reviewed and accepted you, then we will instruct you clearly on the steps after this should you meet our approval. Needless to say, you will require a crypto wallet of some kind in order to complete any transaction as we do not work with fiat payments.
  • Can I drink the whisky?
    You sure can, but at that point, as soon as you have taken ownership of the physical bottle, we will burn the NFT. This is to protect any potential future buyers of buying something that does not exist in the real world.
  • What happens if I want to have the bottle in my possession?
    Again, in this scenario, we would burn the NFT. Our intention is to create a safe, secure environment for people to safely purchase and trade whisky as asset class for future upside potential. Under this circumstance, the only way we can ensure that all buyers of Angel’s Share’s NFTs can guarantee that is backed by a physical twin, is to have protocol to make sure this cannot be defrauded.
  • Can I buy for someone else?
    f you bought one of our super premium NFTs for your friend, you’d probably be considered the best friend anyone could ever wish for!
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