Working Together

We believe in the collective power of partnerships. Despite the industry being steeped in tradition, as a place of competition with every distillery for themself; we feel differently. With the rising awareness around cooperation, we no longer see the need for win-lose scenarios. Only win-win. The need to compete is being replaced by the desire to collaborate. This is why Angel's Share is leading the way by inviting both fellow creatives and investors to work with us. We have some unique opportunities for both parties to become part of our brand's steep rise as a leading indie bottle brand in single malt Scotch whisky.


Unique Opportunities

As an Independent Brand with big ambition, we have some unique and enticing ways to work with investors to realise returns. Unlike most merchants or brokerages, we can offer an assured way into benefitting from the large potential within the market as well as giving a viable solution when it comes to exit. We are happy to share profits with those we work with because through partnership, we are able to establish a brand of value in the long term. This approach allows us to be generous in offering larger percentage growth to investors with profit share schemes on the short term in joint ventures that help bring our casks to market for distribution in bottle format. 


Our program ensures investors pay below-market prices for the cask whilst simultaneously enjoying a profit share of the sale once the design, production distribution of bottles have taken place. In this sense, the investor is actually investing in the whisky market and able to enjoy the full benefit of healthy returns usually held for distilleries. Through this model, the whisky is distributed for sale to wholesale, ensuring a profitable return for all involved. Investor, us and the retailer, which is far more fluid compared to the more standard investment into bottled or cask whisky via a merchant or broker, which is dependent on market movement and natural appreciation that usually takes a long time (years) and requires an end consumer willing to pay that price before a profit is actually realized.


The key difference is that capital is invested into a well-drilled supply chain, as opposed to just the stand-alone asset. We're independent rather than dependent on how we realize a profit. If you're interested in these opportunities and would like to know more, please get in touch with one of our team and we can set up a consultation to discuss in greater detail.