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The integration of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) with Luxury Spirits

The world of collectibles has been evolving rapidly, and digital assets are no longer a speculative pipe dream. They are here to stay. By combining physical collectibles and NFTs, a remarkable synergy is created that can solve many problems in the spirits industry. The biggest problems we face in the fine wine and spirit industry are based on trust, authenticity, and price. The integration of NFTs can solve all of this and more. Believe us, this is not an exaggeration.

The Market Overview:

More and more luxury beverage companies are releasing rare bottles of spirits via platforms like BlockBar, Metacask, Unicask the world’s first direct-to-consumer NFT platforms for wine and spirit products.


A Scotch whisky brand owned by William Grant & Sons, successfully sold, within a matter of seconds, 15 bottles of a rare 46 YO single malt. The whisky had spent 25 years in an ex-bourbon cask followed by an additional 21 years in an Armagnac cask. Successful bidders received an NFT, which contained a revolving image/artistic impression of the bottle that would also function as a proof of authentication and certificate of ownership.

Dictador Rum

A Colombian rum producer, has announced that they have entered the NFT market for alcoholic beverages with the release of 10 limited edition bottles of 1976 Dictador Generations rum; one of the oldest rums in history. Each rum is packaged in a Lalique decanter, together with a personalized offer, giving the buyer the opportunity to get to know the Colombian brand “from the inside out.”

Royal Salute

On December 21st, a rare, 51-year old Royal Salute Scotch NFT bottle was released. Accordingly, the exclusive launch is part of the ultra-limited NFT launch Royal Salute Time Series 51 Year Old 2021.

The House of Quinn by Richard Quinn

The House of Quinn by Richard Quinn is an all-new blended malt whisky, housed in a decorated hand-blown black crystal decanter and offered with a 100% silk pocket square, a true designer piece by Richard Quinn created exclusively for Royal Salute, making this release a highly collectible one.

This 1 of 1 NFT features the rare edition #1 of the limited release of 200 editions only worldwide, with the crystal decanter hand-signed by Richard Quinn himself.

The Dalmore

Dalmore Decades No. 4 Collection, available via NFT bridges the physical and digital worlds for the first time in The Dalmore’s 180-year-old history, the first to be digitized and sold in an exclusive set through an NFT directly to a buyer.

One of 25 exceptional Decades No.4 Collection sets, featuring whiskies from 1979, 1980, 1995 and 2000. Each No. 4 Collection decanter is engraved with an exclusive set number, and the sets are displayed on their own unique pedestal. Each set is displayed within a unique plinth, with individual compartments housing each decanter and each whisky’s own story engraved upon the door.

The NFT announcement follows the recent record-setting sale of The Dalmore Decades No.6 Collection in October, which achieved a record $1.1 million USD at Sotheby’s Hong Kong. The sale price represents the highest value for a whisky lot sold at Sotheby’s so far this year and the most valuable whisky lot ever sold by Sotheby’s in Asia.

PATRÓN Tequila

The tequila giant launched their limited edition and one-of-a-kind tequila, PATRÓN Chairman’s Reserve. Crafted in honor of the founding chairman of PATRÓN in 1989, The brand launched its 100% Extra Añejo Tequila which is packed with a fine balance of color, aroma, taste, and finish. It has a bright crystalline and an old gold color and has stunning aromas of raisins, light wine, light caramel, and oak wood. It tastes of honey, butter, and caramel and finishes off with citric, orange, and tangerine notes.

The Macallan

Another incredibly-priced whisky sales NFT Brand - Macallan 1991 Scotch sold at auction, setting a new record for a whisky cask with a price tag of $2.33 million. It became more than just a cask of coveted Scotch, the sale also included a specially-commissioned NFT, potentially boosting the value.

The Macallan has a history of record-breaking sales achievements. Bottles of Macallan 1926 60-Year-Old Scotch have continued to leapfrog each other to claim the title of the most expensive bottle of whisky ever sold, with the current record, set in 2019, standing at about $1.9 million. This newly record-setting cask of 1991 Scotch isn't as old in age or aging, but the buyer is certainly getting more bang for their buck: The cask is believed to contain about 600 bottles' worth of 51.1-percent ABV Scotch for an average per-bottle price of about $3,880.

Hanyu Single Malt Metaani Collab

UniCask’s second NFT, single malt Japanese whiskey “Hanyu”, which went on sale on February 16, 2022, has sold out about 5 million yen worth of NFT in 2022 in 24 minutes from the start of general sales! UniCask’s second NFT (collaboration with Metaani), single malt Japanese whiskey “Hanyu” NFT of about 5 million yen in 2022 is sold out in 24 minutes from the general sale!

Hanyu 2022 will be bottled in 2032 after 10 years of aging. In other words, those who purchased and own Hanyu’s CASK NFT can exchange the CASK NFT for a single malt Japanese whiskey that has been aged for 10 years after 10 years.

The distillery was closed in 2000, but with the support of many who wished for its revival, the distillery resumed in 2021. Mr. Shimazaki who used to work in the distillery before the closure was appointed as the head of the production and the Hanyu was revived in the same place and with the same line-up. When one of japan’s famous whisky writers had a sip of Hanyu new make, he said, “I am truly impressed by the authentic quality”.

It may not be long before the full card series is suppressed by the new single malt from this brand.

Genesis Cask Springbank

TOKYO, Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- UniCask Co., Ltd, has announced Springbank 1991 as its "genesis cask" to be released as the world's first NFTs representing fractionalized ownership of a whisky cask, making whisky cask purchase available to everyone.

After releasing NFTs of casks of Japanese Whisky last April, UniCask plans to sell fractionalized cask ownership NFTs of a highly sought-after Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Springbank 1991.

Spring bank is a single malt whisky distillery located in Campbelltown on the Kintyre peninsula, in western Scotland. Since its establishment in 1828 to this day, their single malt has been loved by the whisky connoisseurs. The distillery is located within several hundred meters from the Firth of Clyde, which is said to impact saltiness to the whisky during maturation and makes Springbank a complex single malt with rich flavors.

Angel’s Share

Angel’s Share Brand is a creative mix of financial professionals, industry experts, and design creatives who have the vision to not only transform, but completely disrupt the whisky industry for the WEB 3.0 and Metaverse. Now we are in the process of preparing our pre-launch. We announced our NFTs to the world through a major auction house in Hong Kong, in April.

Then we will make the rest of our NFTs available to our platform partner Dualmint, an NFT/physical asset marketplace, that is launching at the end of March 2022. What does it mean to be a pioneer in the land of WEB 3.0? It is like laying down a sky bridge connecting 2 worlds, combining multigenerational perception on what is truly valuable.

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