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Bernard Yeung CEO
Harry James Creative Director

Brand Assets


Angel’s Share was formed to become an indie bottling brand dedicated to creating unique bottling designs of antique expressions of rare and highly collectible whisky.

The company was initially founded by Harry James and Bernard Yeung, who came together in their belief there was an opportunity in bringing together a highly influential network of individuals over the collective love of whisky.


The company is diverse and has become recognized for various ventures within the whisky world. Launching a successful whisky fund through the sister company, Bovine Capital, which has continued to post strong returns despite both pandemic and economic challenges.  


The company has also repeatedly sourced and sold some of the rarest casks available on the market on behalf of private clientele.


In 2022,  Angel’s Shares’ first official bottling sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction in February 2022 for a hammer price of 67,000. The 1964 expression, distilled by the famous Glenfiddich distillery, a 53 year old single cask Scotch single malt,  1st fill sherry hogshead, housed in Glencairn crystal.


Setting an incredibly high benchmark with one of the top 5 whiskies to ever be sold by independent bottlers and the most expensive first bottle ever to be sold by an Indie brand.

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